MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Program


The MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Program is designed to assist coaches individually with their professional and personal development, as they continue to improve as coaches. Coaches are assisted to reflect on their own coaching, identify aspects which they think they could improve, and develop a plan to improve in those areas.

The coaches go through a process which includes a self-assessment and the creation of a development plan. Within this process they look at areas such as:

  • Understanding Athletes
  • Leadership
  • Creating a Learning Environment
  • Self-Development
  • Technical/Tactical/Physical/Mental

 In 2016 there are 15 coaches from 10 sports on scholarship. A full list of coaches can be found here

The Coaching Effectiveness Consultant coordinates the program and facilitates the process that each coach goes through. Each coach can also utilise the Coaching Effectiveness Consultant in a number of ways, such as:

  • Video the coach in action and allow the coach to review sessions
  • Attend training sessions or matches and provide feedback to the coach
  • Meet with coaches to discuss various aspects of coaching
  • Assist coaches to formulate a coaching philosophy
  • Assist coaches to network with other coaches
  • Facilitate athlete feedback on the coach
  • Facilitate coaches viewing other coaches

A number of workshops are conducted by MWAS service providers are also made available to MWAS coaches. A full list of our events can be found here


Watch a GWN7 News story about the Coaching Effectiveness Program.


MWAS Coach Development Philosophy

1.      MWAS encourages coaches to have ownership of their development

2.      MWAS coaches must be open minded, strive for continuous improvement, be innovative and thirsty for knowledge

3.      MWAS coaches must share knowledge with all other coaches within their sport and other sports