Seminars Begin

The 2014 scholarship holders, their coaches and parents gathered at the Dep. Sport and Recreation 'Sportshouse' / MWAS office. Heather McGregor-Bayne (our sports psychologist from Total Leader and Coach Solutions) provided seminars including; Coaching Psychology, Athlete Psychology and Parent Psychology. Athletes also were provided with individual consultations with our psychologist. The key objective of the athlete psychology was to assist the athletes to not only set goals for coming months, year and their future, but also to assist them to identify what they will need to do to achieve their goals. 

Spirit Radio's Tom Davis co-hosted a media skills seminar with MWAS Vice-Chair, Katherine Flower. Athletes will now put the theory covered into practice when they engage in on-air interviews with the Spirt Radio.

Athletes and coaches were introduced to our experienced sports science team at Central West Health and Rehab (CWHR) were the physical conditioning program was discussed.

Athletes also heard from Temika Lee from CWHR about nutrition and also Dana Pimley from Sports Medicine Australia about anti-doping.

MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Consultant, Simon Barras, provided coaches with an overview of the Coaching Effectiveness Program.