Coaching Resources

Below are a selection of resouces created by the Mid West Academy of Sport and some links to other websites that coaches may find useful.

MWAS Articles

Lessons from a wide old turtle

The Power of a Coaching Philosophy

Strength and Conditioning Program Design

Why kids make great coaches

What makes an effective grassroots coach - From a presentation by Steven Broberg

Athlete Pathways and Development

Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery (FTEM) - Developed by the AIS. Provides a framework for athletes and participants at various stages and ages.

Long Term Athlete Development Model - (LTAD) - This framework is not all evidence-based, however it can be a useful resource, providing a framework of different training loads and types at different levels of maturity. It also discusses sport specialisation. 

Coaching Styles and Techniques

Six strategies for improving learning in sport


Running technique

Physiology & Conditioning

Training Programs - The Key Principle of Overload

Lactic Acid - The Myth of Lactic Acid In Endurance Athletes - Video

Developing a Culture

Five Lessons from the All Blacks