Culture - A Key to Success

East Fremantle Football Club head coach, Steve Malaxos and CEO Adam Kelly, delivered an inspiring breakfast for the Mid West Coaches Network.

Developing Club Culture was the theme for the morning. Coaches first listened to Malaxos as he discussed how the Sydney Swans Football Club developed their ‘Bloods’ culture. Questions flowed from the coaches as they were able to use this successful case study as a spark for ideas at their own clubs.   

Adam Kelly was able to provide some very valuable insights from his experiences as a CEO and also as someone who has been involved in a country club. Adam discussed how values drive your behaviours and it is up to everyone to monitor those behaviours.

Adam also provided some famous examples of teams and clubs with great cultures. In particular Adam spoke about the New Zealand All Blacks and their values system. A link to an article about the All Blacks is now on our resources page.

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