Peer learning with MWAS coaches

Prior to the session Mark outlined some of the focus points for the team in 2014 and the principles related to this.

While the MWAS coaches were from a range of sports they all managed to walk away with some new ideas they could implement in their own programs.

Steven Broberg from the Western Australian Cricket Association and MWAS scholarship coach was one of those coaches who attended the session.

“As a cricket coach it was really interesting to watch a coach from a completely different sport. At the end of the day we are dealing with athletes so seeing how Mark structured his session and communicated with athletes was very beneficial.” Said Broberg

MWAS CEO, Chris Darlington, also attended the session to see what the coaches were up to and how the program was going.

“Opportunities for coaches to get together and share ideas is a great way for them to learn and develop new ideas” said Darlington.

“The conversations between coaches is really important and something that we are trying to encourage as part of the Coaching Effectiveness Program.”

For more information about the MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Program please click HERE