Sport Meets Business

Last Thursday the Mid West Academy of Sport (MWAS) in partnership with Pollinators Inc coordinated a seminar on building and leading high-performing teams. The interactive seminar was facilitated by Greg Bayne from Total Leader and Coach Solutions (TLC). TLC also provides the sports psychology services to MWAS athletes.

Chris Darlington, MWAS CEO said “It was a really great seminar. The concepts delivered can be applied directly to sport and business teams. I certainly learnt some new ideas that I will implement with MWAS. The key reason for us investing in such a session is to develop coaches, but it is fantastic that local business leaders can also benefit from the academy’s programs.”

The seminar was followed by a ‘Q&A’ panel discussion with eight of the MWAS athletes and some of the parents and coaches. The discussion focussed on the changes that MWAS has created for the athletes this year. Some of the key themes that came through were that the athletes felt not only fitter, but also more mentally prepared and this has made them feel more comfortable leading into competitions. Athletes from some of the smaller sports also said that they now feel less isolated because they have athletes from other sports to train with at MWAS. Adrian Cois, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Central West health and Rehabilitation and MWAS also joined the discussion. He spoke about how he has been focussing on the long term development of the athletes. Cois said “For most of the younger athletes, we are helping them to prepare their bodies to deal with future training loads. Whilst for the older more elite athletes, we are providing them with an individualised, periodised plan that prepares them for competition.”

Pollinators ran an additional session with Greg Bayne on Friday for their members and entrepreneurs in their ‘Catalyst’ program. The topic provided the entrepreneurs with strategies to better influence others.