Departure of CEO

It is with regret that the Mid West Academy of Sport (MWAS) announces the resignation of CEO, Chris Darlington. Darlington has made a tough decision to resign in order to relocate to NSW, which provides the opportunity for family support whilst raising a family.

Darlington moved to Geraldton in September 2012 to work with the Mid West Sports Federation to establish MWAS. In December 2013, Darlington transitioned to the position of MWAS CEO to then lead the organisation through the inaugural year of operations.

Darlington said -

“Departing MWAS and the Mid West Region is extremely tough as I have loved my time here. The establishment of MWAS has been very challenging yet enjoyable. To see the athletes and coaches begin to reap the benefits of not only my work, but years of work from volunteers, our staff and our service-providers has been very rewarding.

The success of MWAS to date is only partially due to my influence. Mostly, our success has occurred because of the people that I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by. The initial Project Steering Group and now the Board of Management have provided the vision and exceptional strategic guidance. MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Consultant, Simon Barras, has been pivotal in creating and leading our innovative coach development program, which I can see becoming an industry leading program and a benchmark for other sporting organisations. Todd Teakle and Central West Health and Rehabilitation have gone well beyond my expectations to ensure that our athletes are as healthy and as physically prepared as possible. Sports Psychologists, Heather McGregor-Bayne and Adrian Schonfeld from Total Leader and Coach Solutions have been outstanding in their work to assist athletes to develop their mental skills. The coaches that train the MWAS athletes have been absolutely critical to ensure that our athletes are developing their technical and tactical skills.

I also wish to thank all of the sponsors and supporters. These businesses and organisations share our vision and support MWAS because they see the importance of ensuring that regional athletes are not disadvantaged and have the best possible opportunity to reach their potential.”

Chairman, Gary Clark said the Board was extremely disappointed to lose Chris, indicating his role during the establishment phase and first year of operation had been crucial to the success of the Academy. Clark said, “We understand the reason Chris needs to move on and we wish him and his lovely wife Brooke well. The Academy is in a very strong position through the good work Chris has done and this will guarantee a successful transition for the new CEO”

The Board will commence the search for a new CEO immediately. The position will be advertised on and by the 2nd January, with applications closing mid-January.

Darlington will continue duties with MWAS until the end of January and the contact details for the MWAS CEO will remain as:

T | 08 9956 2181  M | 0487 846 283  E | *

* Stakeholders who may currently be using the email contact of are reminded to change the contact details 

DOWNLOAD a position description which includes the information on how to apply for the CEO position. Applications close January 14th.