Developing Skillful Athletes Workshop

Mid West Academy of Sport (MWAS) coaches recently attended a workshop conducted by West Coast Eagles High Performance Manager, Glenn Stewart.

The workshop gave coaches the theory behind how athletes learn and the best way to coach and develop skillful athletes. During the session coaches were challenged to take practice activities they regularly use and apply the skill acquisition principles to turn good activities into great activities.

MWAS Scholarship Coach, Steven Broberg, was at the session.  “It was an inspirational session that helped to validate our knowledge.” Said Broberg

“The conversation on how to engage learning in training environments was outstanding. I took away some learning tools and drill designs that have evolved my current set of skills.”

Simon Barras, MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Consultant was pleased to see a high level of engagement from the coaches.

“It is important that coaches continue to develop themselves and their own coaching skills.

“Attending a workshop like this is a great start but it is how they use the information they have heard that is the most important thing.”

The workshop was a part of the Mid West Coaches Network which is coordinated by the Department of Sport & Recreation.

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