Mind Matters & Mental Skills

The pursuit of excellence in sporting performance has become increasingly about having great mental skills to complement the physical prowess. The MWAS was pleased to welcome sports psychologist Adrian Schonfeld back to Geraldton as part of the ongoing delivery of services in sports psychology. The MWAS understands the importance of the support network around the athlete and workshops were conducted for coaches, parents and the athletes.

Individual consultations were also conducted with each athlete that forms part of the ongoing service they receive over the year. Adrian works at the WA Institute of Sport and is able to provide some valuable practical advice and skills to the MWAS influenced by what he sees at the top end of sport in WA. “We are looking to assist athletes to make a transition from being a good regional athlete to a state, national and perhaps international class performer.”

 After only one year in operation the MWAS is proud to see benefits for the athletes in type of specialist service, as reflected by CEO Martin FitzSimons

“Good quality, evidence based information and skills really do help the athletes to focus and understand the challenge of striving to be your best in sport and life. Learning these skills at this stage of their careers helps to set the athletes up for the rest of their lives.” The progression of the MWAS athletes was confirmed by Adrian

“It has been interesting to see how some of the athletes have grown over the last 18 months.  The opportunity to meet and speak on a number of occasions allows us to develop better relationships and then tailor our interventions to meet the needs of the individuals in the program.”  

The happy group below were photographed at the completion of the group athlete session. From left to right are Standing - Adrian Schonfeld, Lexie Stoner, Phoebe Valhov, Mikaila Watson and Kneeling – Jack Osborn, Emma Burke and Alex Ducas.