MWAS athletes moved by Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy showed that age was no barrier to connecting with young people about sport when he presented to a gathering of young athletes at the Geraldton Universities Centre (GUC). MWAS scholarship athletes and coaches were joined by athletes invited from several sports. All were entertained and informed by a presentation that outlined the key elements Kevin had used to move ahead in his career.

Among the many gems on the whiteboard, the value of idols and of learning from watching the champions were part of the Sheedy message to the young people. The parents in attendance would have been pleased to hear Kevin tell the young athletes the crucial role of the parents in the athlete pathway.

In an unusual twist, Kevin turned the tables and played interviewer for a period, extracting from some unsuspecting participants valuable lessons on how they can learn from their coaches and favourite players. The focus on learning and following dreams was appropriate given the group were within the GUC. The MWAS is grateful to the Networkers Anonymous Group (NAG) for making the session possible and to the GUC for providing the venue. 

Kevin Sheedy with happy athletes, coaches and parents after the presentation