Surfing coach gives good vibes in CEP

August 2015

Surfing coach Evan Burns is a great example of the positive achievements coming from the Coaching Effectiveness Program (CEP). Evan join the CEP in 2014 and has always looked to better himself to ensure he provides the best opportunities for Mid West athletes.

In conjunction with Todd Teakle and Marcey Wellstead from MWAS supplier Central West Health and Rehabilitation, Evan developed a surf conditioning program for young athletes. The program includes a physical assessment, core strength, flexibility, and some surf specific movement training.

“Unlike many sports that are judged on movement quality and style, such as dancing and gymnastics, surfers have limited opportunity to repetitively practice commonly completed movements. For example, how often does a surfer get a chance to land from a 1m high floater, or practice holding a rail during cutback during a surfing session?” said Burns of the often difficult task of scheduling practice sessions in good surf conditions.

“The program gives the athletes a chance to practice many of these surf specific skills, as well as sports specific strength activities. The activities include jumps, landings, medicine ball activities, balance activities and full body rotations. This is coupled with time spent on surf specific equipment such as indo boards and streetboardz.”
Recently Evan has also assisted Exmouth surfer Cassia Haegele who is part of the Gascoyne Project. The project is funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation and is a pilot for providing services to more remote regions. Cassia was recently in Geraldton and worked with Evan on the technical and tactical components of her surfing.  
Professional development for Evan includes the Level 2 Surf Coaching accreditation and in August 2015, Evan will complete the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association level one qualification. Well done Evan and may the good waves keep rolling in to the Mid West. 

Below: Evan and the willing band of budding surf champs at the Central West Health & Rehabilitation gym