MWAS Represented at Basketball U16 Nationals


Daniel Jacques                                                         Emily Winterbine

MWAS is proud to welcome young basketball athletes Emily Winterbine and Daniel Jacques back from representing WA Country U16s the recent U16 National Championships hosted at Kilsyth in Victoria. One thing an academy of sport can’t provide for young athletes is high level competition and that is what they received at nationals. As Daniel commented “there were some really good players…some were getting close to scoring 50 points a game, I thought it was amazing”.

Thankfully exposure to the best at the age group in the country has stoked the fire of self-improvement as noted by Daniel “the experience has inspired me to keep working hard on my game and to keep improving.”

As always there was humour as well, with the WA Country team enjoying the exploits of another team acrobatically closing the back door of their bus on the run. What seemed like a funny thing to do became a bit muddled and involved hainging one player out Inspector Gadget style to retrieve the door flapping in the wind. No names on which team it was.


 MWAS Scholarship Coach Darren Winterbine & Emily                                    Daniel Jacques & Emily Winterbine at training

Emily also enjoyed the challenge of regular tough competition and finished the tourney with the highest field goal percentage in the WA Country team. Both players were great representatives of the Mid West and MWAS and the region can be proud of their efforts. With basketball being a game where it takes time to mature and put it all together, MWAS is certain these two young athletes are well on the pathway to bigger things in the future.