Cold, wet July morning no barrier for Lexie

MWAS Athlete Lexie Stoner with Foodbank Assistant Manager Jamie

Lexie Stoner brought a smiling face and willing hands to Foodbank on a cold and wet July morning. Lexie is the first of the MWAS athletes to offer her time helping out at Foodbank, which MWAS has chosen to support. All of the MWAS athletes have agreed to give up their time to be at Foodbank at 06:30 in the morning and help out for a couple of hours before the school day.

“Realising that others are facing big challenges in their lives helps me to appreciate my own life and the opportunities we are given” said Lexie.

MWAS CEO Martin FitzSimons said he was proud of the willingness from the athletes to be involved. MWAS has always tried to improve the athlete as a person as well as an athlete and volunteering for others less fortunate is a valuable life lesson. “The athletes have and will receive a lot of support from parents, coaches, teachers and MWAS so giving back is a nice way to show appreciation for that” said FitzSimons.