Technology improves athlete tracking

Hallam Pereira(DSR), Martin FitzSimons MWAS CEO, Darren Winterbine (MWAS coach), Natalie Nelmes (Acting MWAS Chair) are all smiles at the new equipment.

The capacity for assessing athletes took a turn for the better recently when MWAS acquired a new timing system courtesy of the Department of Sport and Recreation. The Smartspeed timing system uses up to date technology to allow the accurate measurement of athlete performance for speed, agility and power. The system will allow the MWAS sport science area to make accurate measurements of athletes on a regular basis and to monitor their progress.

“This system is easy to use and the athletes really like to get feedback on how they are going. It helps me when designing and updating their programs too” said MWAS sport science consultant Todd Teakle.

MWAS CEO Martin FitzSimons acknowledged the benefit that this equipment can bring to a small academy.

“We are grateful for the work that Hallam Pereira from DSR put into facilitating a little bit of sport science into the regional network. This sort of equipment can be quite motivating for the young athletes and allows them to compare with other athletes from around the state” said FitzSimons.

In addition to being an accurate testing tool, the system also has many different programs for training elements such as agility. That capacity appeals to MWAS scholarship coach from Basketball, Darren Winterbine “I am excited by the chance to play around with the system and create some really challenging and fun drills” he said.