Nutrition Talk, featuring Catherine Dumont

Last Wednesday, our local Accredited Sport Dietitian, Catherine Dumont delivered an excellent talk about the benefits of dairy products in athletes recovery (recent release by Sports Dietitians). Dairy products are known for their calcium content and protein. However, they can also be an excellent source of electrolytes for rehydration. This unique composition means that milk, cheese and yoghurt can also be used effectively in athletes recovery.

Catherine talked about the importance of balanced diet in training and emphasis on dairy products, especially during recovery post exercise. A ‘good nutrition is vital for performance’ whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior. It is important before exercise as it will top up carbohydrates in the muscles and optimise hydration. It is also good for recovery and provides an opportunity to replenish the body and allow it to recover and adapt. Milk, cheese and yoghurt can contribute to several recovery goals by providing valuable amounts of essential nutrients

Rehydrating is crucial and milk and higher fluid dairy foods, like smoothies, yoghurt and custard, provide the body with lots of water and electrolytes. After exercise, it is important to refuel to replace carbohydrates stores in the liver and muscles by eating carbohydrate-rich foods including; sweetened dairy foods like flavoured milk, dairy desserts and yoghurt.

After exercise, itis also vital to our growth and repair. Consuming high quantities of protein promotes this process. Milk protein has been found to be superior to other protein sources in optimising muscle protein synthesis following resistance training

The minimum serves of dairy products recommended per day for the 13 to 19 year age group are three and a half and for over 19 years is two and a half. This dose may need to be increased for ‘busy’ athletes. A serve being the equivalent of 1 glass of milk, 40g of cheese, a small cup of yoghurt or half a cup of ricotta cheese.