Sports Psychology

At the last camp we received good responses from athletes, although both coaches and parent participation was down.

A number of individuals have questioned why do we include Sports Psychology in our Scholarships, what is it and why is it so important.

Traditionally, the technical, tactical, and physical aspects of sport have been viewed as the key to an athlete's performance and success. While these factors are important, coaches and athletes now recognise that an athlete's success or failure often lies in their ability to be "mentally fit."

There are many factors that influence an athlete's "mental fitness," such as wellbeing, enjoyment, confidence, motivation, anxiety, focus, attitude, and preparation. MWAS service providers, Total Leader and Coach Solutions manage our Sports Psychology program and have been involved since our inception.

Athletes and coaches can be assisted in range of areas including; stress management and relaxation, concentration and focus, positive thinking, confidence and self-esteem, goal setting, motivation, time management and life balance, communication skills, preparation and routines, injury rehabilitation, decision-making and problem solving just to name a few.

In our next newsletter we will look at what Sports Psychology involves and what you can expect.

Parent information session