MWAS secures a Radio Sponsor

Jason McCarthy, Station Manager: “We are committed to supporting our communities. It was an easy decision to partner with an exciting organisation such as the Mid West Academy of Sport. We are excited to see the Academy assist local athletes to reach their potential and we are already exploring ways that we may be able to further build on the relationship, perhaps by inviting some of the athletes and coaches into our studio for  interviews. This will not only create interesting content for our audience, it will also assist the athletes to build their profiles and to develop skills with speaking to the media.” 

The Geraldton Guardian is the much valued Newspaper Sponsor of the MWAS and with 96.5WAFM and Spirit 98.1 coming on board, the MWAS has further consolidated its ability to provide sponsors with significant exposure.

The MWAS wishes to thank 96.5WAFM, Spirit 98.1 and the Geraldton Guardian for their support.