Athlete scholarships: $7,000 of value

Right throughout the MWAS start-up process, the MWAS has been committed to making a genuine impact for the development of the athletes that are on scholarship. If one was to purchase the services that are provided through a MWAS scholarship, the cost to the athlete could exceed $7,000. In addition to this, providing these services to athletes at home will create significant savings by reducing the frequency of travel to Perth.

Total values to athlete –

  • $7,000 + in services directly from MWAS
  • $2,000 + in services directly to the athlete’s coach
  • $3,000 - $4,000 + in technical / tactical coaching provided by the state & regional association
  • Due to the improved home training environment athletes will reduce travel to Perth. Based on the rate of 65c/km, a Geraldton-based athlete would save $585 in vehicle travel alone for each trip to Perth that is avoided. This amount does not include accommodation costs, loss of wages and time, or potential savings through car-pooling. Some athletes could avoid more than 10 trips to Perth.

DOWNLOAD a sample scholarship service package to see what a scholarship includes.